The TransPerfect Mountain Challenge Benefiting AFANOC,
l’Associació de Familiars i Amics de Nens Oncològics de Catalunya

Vallalta, Sant Iscle de Vallalta - Barcelona


About the Event

Barcelona TransPerfect employees, friends and families will take part in the Mountain Challenge for the second year in a row. This year, we want you to join us! Sign up and participate in our Challenge, which will take place in a more accessible area to expand the event and make it attractive for more mountain lovers. The event will feature an orienteering race with three different levels and two trail running distances. The goal is to raise €50,000 and to have more than 400 people participating. The TransPerfect Mountain Challenge is in partnership with a local Barcelona children’s cancer organization. All proceeds from the event will go directly to AFANOC (Associació de Familiars i Amics de Nens Oncològics de Catalunya.)


Orienteering is a competitive sport that requires navigational skills, using a map and compass in order to travel quickly from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain. Participants are given a topographical map, normally a specially prepared orienteering map, which they then use to find control points. At the TransPerfect Mountain Challenge you will receive a map 10 minutes before the start. You gain points at every station you check-in at so that you can earn as many as possible before your time is up. The location of the stations will depend on the level.


In order to participate, you would need to register through RUNEDIA, please make sure you read the instructions before. Any questions? Please contact us through

Do you want to help the teams reach their target? Donate through this link.


There will be 5 levels of challenge: 3 levels of orienteering (Xuklis, Turtle and Fox) and 2 trail running courses.



Family level – 3 hours

Includes fun challenges for the whole family


Medium level – 3 hours

You can either walk or run this level


Advanced level – 6 hours

You can either walk or run this level



10 or 21 km trail running courses with
400 or 700 metres elevation gain.

10 km trail course

21 km trail course


We're excited to present the line-up for the TransPerfect Mountain Challenge Music Festival.

is a Barcelona trio with a style that combines indie rock with nineties vibes. Led by a powerful female voice, the band sing about topics ranging from social criticism to insecurity and fears.

In 2019 they published their debut EP, ‘Find Your Freedom’, produced by Mark Dasousa in Atomic Studio. Since its début, they have been performing in a variety of venues and events nationwide. Recently they have been touring in Valencia and Alicante and have been the support band for ‘Against The Current’. They have accompanied them on their three Spanish tour dates (Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona) during their world tour.

Vicenç Pedret (voice and rhythmic guitar), Pepe Montero (solo guitar), Kevin Halfon (bass), and Roger Moreno (drums) make up the band, Ocata. The beach of Ocata brought them together in 2015 and since then they have been singing about everyday life, accompanied by electric guitar chords.

Preparations for the new chapter in Ocata’s career began in April, when they signed with Blind Records (Barcelona) for the recording of their first LP under the production of Santos & Fluren, the same producers responsible for the most well-known bands of the Spanish indie rock scene (Love of Lesbian, Izal, Sidonie, etc.).

Yacine Belahcene has an Algerian father and a Catalan mother and moved from Algiers to Barcelona in 1994 when he was 13 years old. His debut on the music scene was alongside Cheb Balowski. Since 2000, he has directed and produced more than 10 albums under different collaborations such as Nour, Rumbamazigha and finally Yacine & the Oriental Groove.

He now navigates the Mediterranean with Gabriel Fletcher, Massinissa AÏT-Ahmed and Alexandre Guitart freely playing his music, with sounds that resonate across the ports of Algiers, Marseille and Barcelona; different cities but bathed by the same sea. A new attractive proposal that hugely inspires partying and diversity.

Mandruka is an Electro Funk band from Barcelona who mix 80's influences (Prince, Zapp...) with current sounds; The tracks are produced by Al Pachyño and the lyrics by Blanquito Smith. Their music is a blend of drum machines and synthesized bass, talk box, solo synthesizers and guitar; all combined with risque lyrics, a hedonistic spirit and written in Spanish, a novelty for this genre. This fusion is ideal for making you want to dance and turns each concert into a unique party.They have released two albums "Mandruka" (2017) and "Galactic Oasis" (2019) and were awarded "Best Group 2018" by the magazine Enlace Funk.

Una proposta revolucionària. Amb ells escoltaràs la música que més t’agrada com mai l’havies experimentada. Són únics i inimitables. El mashup és un còctel musical que consisteix a agafar les millors parts de temes arxiconeguts i combinar-les per a crear una cançó nova, única i sorprenent en rigurós directe: La lletra de “L’Empordà” de Sopa de Cabra, acompanyada per la inconfusible guitarra d’AC/DC i les trompetes d’Strombers. La connexió amb el públic és immediata, i és aquesta participació amb la banda la que converteix el mashup en una festa total.

We are the Orchestra Motherfucker and we've come to change the world...for the worse. The best versions of the worst songs and the worst versions of the best could be a mix of a bit of everything. Rhythm, guitars and lots of Rock n Roll!!

Mountain Challenge Information

The 2019 Mountain Challenge will take place in the Vallalta Valley, between Sant Iscle and Sant Cebrià de Vallalta. This valley is located between the Montnegre Mountain Range and the Mediterranean Sea. Only 45 minutes away from Barcelona City center.


07:30 Registrations

09:00 Departure rogaine 6 h

09:30 Departure trail 21 km

10:00 Departure trail 10 km

12:00 Departure rogaine 3 h

15:00 Arrivals

15:30 Awards ceremony

16:00 – 0:00 Music festival

Click here for directions to Vallalta

TransPerfect’s Commitment

Summary 2018

For the second consecutive year, Barcelona TransPerfect employees friends and Families are committing to help AFANOC. Through the TransPerfect Mountain Challenge they will be fundraising to make the house of Xuklis even more of a home for the families and kids staying there. All money raised will go towards a living room renovations, a kitchen extension, the installation of solar panels and much more.

BARNABY WASS, Senior Vice President: “When he was 18 months old, my son Leon was diagnosed with leukemia and we received amazing support from a small non-profit that helps families of children with cancer: AFANOC. The invasive treatments needed to fight cancer mean that you are living in and around the hospital for many weeks. Throughout this time, the family’s day-to-day tasks continue alongside the treatment and can add to the struggle – having a decent meal, being able to shower, organizing supervision for the children when both parents visit the doctor - something as commonplace as a playroom for the kids to help beat the boredom is a real blessing. AFANOC provide fridges, lockers, game rooms and volunteers, as well as housing for families of patients from out-of-town. They are a small organization, but trust me they make a big difference. AFANOC was there for us during the tough times, and now that Leon has recovered we feel it is our time to give back. YOU can make a real difference: sign up and get your family, colleagues and friends to join us!"

Learn More

To learn more about AFANOC, visit:

Social Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I support you in another way?

Sure! Any donation, no matter how small, is a great help. We will also need volunteers on race day. Contact us by sending an email to

What if I want to do orienteering (rogaine) but I don’t have a team?

Email us at and we’ll help you find one.

Can I take part even if I’m not a TransPerfect employee?

Of course! The event is open to all who wish to take part.

Is this event suitable for children?

The Xuklis level is designed for families with challenges and games for everyone. There will also be activities for the younger ones after the orienteering challenge.

Do I sign up as part of a team or individually?

You have two options: run or walk the orienteering races in teams of 2 to 5 people or run the trail races individually.

Do the Trail Runs have a time limit?

Yes. The 10 km must be completed in 2 hours and 45 minutes and the 21 km in a maximum of 5 hours.

Sport is not for me. Can I just go to the Festival?

Of course you can! Plus it’s free entry.

What do I wear?

Remember, this is a sporting event in the mountains. The routes will not be on asphalt, there will be dirt roads and if you do orienteering you’ll run through the forest. You will need appropriate clothing and footwear.

What is Rogaine?

It’s a type of orienteering race where participants decide the route to reach the highest score passing through control points within the set time limit.

Shall we bring something to eat or drink?

There will be a few check points at various points of the trails, but we recommend you bring a bottle of water, especially if you’re doing orienteering. At the end of the races there will be a bar with drinks and food.